A Bit About Ed

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This is Ed the Italian Spinone! He is sensitive, patient, calm and incredibly silly. He came into my life 10 years ago. I had an Irish Terrier at the time and promised my husband I would not be getting another dog, however, my parents decided to breed their Spinone and I instantly fell in love. My husband said there was no stopping us from being together.
Ed loves hikes, singing to the harmonica and always being right by our sides.
It was September 1st, 2020 when I brought him to the vet for what I thought was a sprained wrist. I was told it was osteosarcoma and his left front wrist bone would most likely break soon. Ed was still full of life, wanting to chew on sticks, play soccer, go for walks, eat food etc. At first the thought of amputation seemed barbaric but then I realized it would give him more time to live a comfortable life. So two days later he was amputated and came home the night of his surgery. He whimpered for an hour or so and then slept the night through. The following day his little friends wanted to wear matching tshirts with him.
Day two included more whimpering but Ed ate food, drank water, peed and pooped! He demanded his meds be taken with cheddar cheese rather than Swiss so I knew he was on the right track! Settling in for sleep took longer that night but once asleep, it went well.
On Day 3 Ed loves getting fresh air. He’s trying to convince me to take him for a walk but I’m not buying in. He enjoyed chewing on a stick instead.

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3 thoughts on “A Bit About Ed”

  1. Welcome and thank you for sharing Eddie’s story. Your future blog posts and pages will publish immediately without requiring moderation.

    You will find much more help and feedback in the discussion forums or by searching the member blogs. Start here for help finding the many Tripawds Resources an assistance programs.

  2. CUTENESS ALERT!! OMD!! ED IS ADORABLE! HANDSOME AND ADORABLE!! Such precious pictures. The kids with the tee shirts worn in solidarity…priceless!!
    It was absolutely delightful to read all about who Ed is and how he worked your way into your hearts.
    Spoiling a tripawd is so much fun. It won’t be long before his chewing stick will be replaced with a nice long walk.
    Ed is really rockin’ recovery…keep it up sweet boy!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. Awww Ed is so lucky to have such adorable and devoted teammates! Go Team Ed! Sounds like they are helping you have a pretty darn good recovery. Keep it up and keep us posted, we can’t wait to find out more about your pack and OMD you have got to share a video of you singing to the harmonica!

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